DSC_1640Getting to know your OT

Roxanne is a national board certified and registered occupational therapist (OT). Roxanne has been working with people with disabilities, especially Autism Spectrum Disorders and other Pervasive Developmental Disorders, since 2003. In addition to her private practice, Roxanne currently works at The Child Success Center in Santa Monica and Ride On in Chatsworth. She previously held the posts of Supervisor of the Occupational Therapy Department at the Atlas Foundation for Autism and the Director of Occupational Therapy at The McCarton Center for Developmental Pediatrics. Roxanne has also worked in the public school systems in New York City and Los Angeles, provided home care treatment, and practiced in other sensory gym settings. Roxanne provides evidence-based treatment and has always been research oriented. She was published in the journal Psychological Research for her part in studying music and its potential therapeutic effects on motor learning.

She believes in a strength-based approach. All treatment plans are individualized and client-centered. Roxanne recognizes the value of supporting families with parent training and encourages caregiver involvement. Roxanne’s services are based heavily in Ayer’s sensory integration. She provides therapy based in a wide range of sensory integrative techniques, motor development strategies, and behavioral theory while also emphasizing the therapeutic relationship. Roxanne believes in supporting her client’s self-efficacy, self-esteem, and social skills.  She develops and carries out individualized task analyses for development in all areas including activities of daily living (ADLs). She trains other professionals, parents and caregivers to carryover treatment activities at home, school, and in the community. Roxanne continues to be passionate about empowering individuals with disabilities through fulfilling participation in meaningful activities.