Consultation services are very useful method to further your child’s development. Different from direct treatment with your child,  consultative services involves meeting with parents, caregivers, teachers, and/or other therapeutic team members.

  • Optimize your child’s participation at home for play, social skills, and self care.
  • Consider Treatment strategies you may add to your child’s current therapies
  • Assess and strategize to maximize your child’s current therapeutic plan
  • Learn about sensory processing and sensory integration as they pertain specifically to your child
  • School visits and advice regarding how to enhance your child’s participation and learning in school 
  • Improve play date interactions with individualized recommendations
  • Home programming
    • home exercises – gross motor, fine motor, visual perceptual, etc.
    • self care skills
    • household participation
    • leisure pursuits
    • home sensory diet

Consultation may be conducted with:

  • Parents
  • The therapeutic team
  • Teachers
  • Other people in your child’s life
    • Coaches – swim, basketball, soccer, etc.
    • Dance teachers
    • Music instructors
    • Nanny/ babysitter

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